Michio Kaku, Nick Pope and Stanton Friedman UFO lecture Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Jan 2011

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UK MOD release previously classified UFO Files – Report & Analysis – BBC News America

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Another ‘Wormhole’ Spiral seen in Sky Russia White Sea

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Former Canadian Defense Minister & Deputy Prime Minister, spoke of ET/UFO Disclosure | Paul Hellyer “ET’s can help us if we let them” | Towards a Peaceful Economy

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Humanity For Disclosure

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This petition is a request asking the United States government to release to the public all documents pertaining to the unidentified flying object (UFO) phenomenon and all related phenomenon such as close encounters, abductions, crashes, reverse engineering and contact.

Please participate in the petition and help humanity over come the deceit. Disclosure of this information can bring great change to the planet and help humanity move in the right direction towards a brighter more peaceful future.

The release of this information can benefit alternate energy research, advancements in medicine and help unit the people of this planet.

Our goal is to gather as many signatures as possible to show that the people of this planet can handle and are ready or the truth.

Join their FACEBOOK page Humanity For Disclosure


Alleged document linking Nukes and UFOs

February 23, 2011 1 comment
Alejandro Rojas | Feb 21, 2011 

We received an email from a reader with an alleged Top Secret USAF document attached. We are unsure of their validity, but we are posting them for your review.

The emailer wrote:

Without revealing too much, my dad was a high-ranking Air Force General.  As such he had a few northern US bases under his command. He recently passed away but before he did he gave to me some documents and said he wanted to get this information out. I have found that most of what my dad had in his possession is already on the internet, except for what I am sending you. I am not sure if this has been declassified or not and I cannot find information regarding this. I would prefer to stay anonymous, so I am not giving you contact information for fear of government reprisal. You may say what you will about what I sent as long as this gets out to the public for their scrutiny!

View Photos and Document Here

Ovni News Awarded 81st Place for Most Youtube Channel Subscriptions for the Week of February 14th 2011!

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We are proud t say that we have been awarded 81st place for most subscribed channel in the week of February 14th, 2011 in the Reporter category. The crazy part is that the channel is only one week old. Thanks to all our reader, viewers and followers. Help us grow even more by subscribing to our YOUTUBE channel, liking our FACEBOOK and following us on TWITTER….peace\\//